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Alone 'Live' 2003

The 'Alone' live album took shape after I was requested to provide a showcase of my acoustic songs on film. The venue chosen was the Westmoreland Hall in Kendal Cumbria. I did not quite understand the complexity of the undertaking until I arrived at the venue during the early evening.

The idea was to film and perform the concert without any excessive use of P.A. or amplification equipment utilising the big hall 'acoustics' to project the voice and guitar. A local film company were drafted in together with lighting technicians from the local college to achieve this.

The Mad Monk music shop now based in Kendal kindly provided a whole range of guitars and other associated equipment and ' themselves'. The Westmoreland Hall allowed their beautiful full length grand piano to be utilised. I was honoured to be able to work with Jeremy Procter the incredibly talented Travis keyboard player.

'It was daunting when I first walked into the hall. It is a huge venue and we were strategically placed at one end of it. Everyone was milling around setting equipment up. Cameras were on stands and filming positions were being established and marked. The first thought that came into my head was 'Goodness what have I set myself up for here? ' And ' Will this concept work? '

It was a frosty cold November evening, and the guitars were having trouble staying in tune but as we progressed through the set the magic seemed to establish and then linger. I cannot describe this atmosphere. I have experienced a similar vibe while recording in the famous abbey on the Isle of Iona West Scotland.

After finishing the song 'Depend on you' I looked up into the darkness created by the lights there was an eerie silence. I looked across to Jez sat at the keyboards and nodded. After what felt like moments of silence a rousing applause filled the hall I was surprised for I had been informed that there would be no audience present during the filming. For me the ' Alone' concert captured a unique atmosphere in time which depicts feelings emotions and love.

The songs speak for themselves. I hope these songs ' touch you '

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Depend On you
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I will love you
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Kendal Castle
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Shining Blue
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Come Wee Laddie
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Hold you again
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Sail Away
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Dreaming for too long
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Fine By Me
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