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Big Blue

Get it together

cold wind blowing you fingers touching my hair
Such revelations and magic moments to share
It's good to get away its such an easy day
Relive our fantasies almost in heaven
And I believe every word that you say
Because I cant stand another

I want to stay and let's get it together
I want to stay if just another day.
Yes I imagine and I can surely figure it out
Because I believe in every word you say.

Lost in paradise how can we play it over again
My heart is breaking as you're so sure it's the end
But you will surely try and find the reason why its so pie in the sky
Our love ends in torment and you just see it as a n easy ride.

Because I cant stand another
So let us stay lets get it together etc..

Yes I imagine and I can surely figure it pout
Because I worship every word.

I recall the evening light as dawns the even tide
Too bright for me to bide with you for ever on my mind
Reach out your heart and love to me oh
Tell me that you're true to me oh...

Cold wind blowing..
Chorus etc..