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Sacred Hearts

I Stand Alone

Freedom to me is like a wind on the sea.
It's turning me round, whirlwinds twisting me down
Just let me know when you are ready to move
It's more than I can stand
You'll find a place in the corner of time
Your wish is my command.

Dry all your tears and tell me your fears
Forget all your pride; you've got heaven on your side
You always said I should be towing the line
And putting situations to rights
You always said it was a matter of time
Then you would be stating your rights

Ah Ah I stand Alone

Ill watch out for your sign, It'll be a matter of time,
All this knowing so well is for me to dispel
There's all the reason to be on top of the world
You know I've been there before
You let me see that you are loosing the line, when I am screaming for more
You see you have a heart and you're holding on tight.
You show me the meaning of love,
I'm still declaring I'm an innocent man
I stand Alone
Ah Ah I stand Alone   etc...