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Alexander Lachlan Johnston-Seymour

I never thought, or even dreamt that at some stage in my life I would be writing the introduction to my son Alexander Lachlan Johnston- Seymour and his world of music. When you are a musician and live it as much as I have lived my own experiences in music, then for me it was a natural progression that my son would follow in the same way of thinking as I did. However, I now realise that this is not quite the case, and offspring’s usually take on their own paths in life.  But life gave me quite a pleasant surprise and I would like to share it with you.

Being an ’absent parent’ I was based in Europe for a time, and my son remained with his mum in the UK. So I would phone him most weeks. During one phone call he announced that he had recorded his first song ’Eagles in the hills’ which had been made into a CD. I was thrilled! And though I’d not been involved in any way in his music or preparation, I knew he was simply a ’chip off the old block’ and at the age of 9 was becoming a very strong songwriter in his own right.

Alex has continued to write his songs. To date I think he has completed his fourteenth composition, and most weekends when I am in the UK we both can be found at a keyboard with guitars and effects working on his latest offering.

The following songs have been selected by Alex himself. I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did when I first heard them.  I’m sure that in the future there will be more songs on offer from him on this page, but for now I leave you with these:

Eagles in the Hills - Listen
Dark Night - Listen
Dead Love - Listen

AlexWhen I was just 9, I made my first ever song ’Eagles in the hills’. My mum and dad were very proud of me, so I carried on making songs, and the funny thing was I enjoyed it.

One day my mum and me were out and we met a lady called Moiré and apparently she was a very good piano teacher, and only because I had not had a lesson for such a long time did my mum agree that I could continue with piano lessons again.   I’ve been taught a lot, but this still does not pacify my dad, when I have to sit down and concentrate on my ’Timing’ and we have a metronome ticking away throughout the rehearsal. I begin to wonder what all the ’tick tocking’ is all about.

Anyway I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.